10 Reasons to Love the Home Sweet Homes Co-parenting Journal

In 2020, my desire to figure out a way to support my son as he transitioned between his father’s home and mine was just about that. It was solely about finding a way to help him - nothing else. My son was close to turning 4-years-old at the time so his ability to comprehend what was going on and communicate how he felt was increasing by the day.

After coming across a mini planner and deciding to experiment using it as an organizer, journal, and diary combo, I knew within seconds that I loved this idea. Having the opportunity to read about things like what my son ate for dinner, that him and his dad built a fort together and how potty training went with dad brought me immense comfort and joy as it allowed me to still be a part of my son’s life even on the days he was away. 

It was only a few weeks after continuing to use this tool that I decided to design and create what would eventually become Home Sweet Homes. It was my chance to dream up how I wanted this tool to function for us as a family as for the three of us as individuals. 

Little did I know that this co-parenting journal and planner would end up being a multi-faceted tool that serves many purposes. I hope you enjoy this list - let me know which benefits are your favorite and whether I missed any on this list! 

Home Sweet Homes: 10 Benefits of using a co-parenting journal and planner


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