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What is the Home Sweet Homes Journal and Planner?

It is a revolutionary, child-driven solution to co-parenting. It is a physical book that stays with your child to be used by you, your co-parent, and your child.

By combining the benefits of a journal and planner, HSH provides an easy and unobtrusive way of staying informed regarding your child’s time with your co-parent while also providing your child support, connection, and comfort.

Who is the HSH journal and planner for?

It is for co-parents who recognize the challenges their child faces when living in two homes.

It is for co-parents who want to continue to function as a team for their child and who are jointly committed to supporting their child’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

How does Home Sweet Homes work?

Home Sweet Homes is a journal and planner combined into one. Each day has an open space for a journal entry. This can be a daily summary, achievement, funny thing your child said, or whatever you feel like writing!

The parent or caregiver that has primary custodial duties for the day and/or night should fill it out. Or, if your child is old enough to write, they may fill out the journal on their own!

When it's time for your child to transition homes, make sure the book goes with them. It is then your co-parent/child's opportunity to fill out the journal entries while at their home.

When your child returns home, you will have context as to what they've been up to which can help ease transitions and give you a starting point for conversations.

What age child is this product recommended for?

It is perfect for children ranging from preschool to elementary school age, roughly 4-10 years old.

Younger children will need assistance in filling it out but that's okay! It's actually great to introduce the tool to your child early as they can quickly pick up concepts. You, your co-parent, and child will still benefit and find this tool very useful! 


Are the calendars undated or dated?

It is undated, giving you the flexibility to start at any time.

If your child is able to write and would like to, let them take the lead in filling out the calendar dates.

There are numerous benefits to having your child actively participate including:

  • Develops organizational and time management skills
  • Makes the book more personal
  • Gives your child a sense of control and ownership over their life

Why are affirmations incorporated?

The way in which we speak to ourselves is crucial to developing our confidence and self-esteem.

Affirmations contribute to a growth mindset and incorporating them in your child's self-talk can help set and build the foundation for a healthy belief system.

When a child believes in themself, they are opened up to endless possibilities!

Is there a “right” way to use the HSH journal?

No, there is no right or wrong way! It is entirely up to you, your co-parent, and your child on how to use it to fit your needs.

While are no rules, you and your co-parent can set up some guidelines when starting.

Examples include keeping the journal private only amongst you three, no negativity allowed, or similar guidelines.


Can I use one journal for all of my children?

It is strongly recommended that each child have a journal to call their own as everyone's daily entry will be unique to them!

Once your child is older, Home Sweet Homes will become a special keepsake filled with a collection of personal thoughts and handwritten memories specifically for that child.

What if my co-parent is unwilling to participate?

We hope that both parents recognize the value of participating in this tool jointly for your child.

If your co-parent is unwilling or unable to fill it out, you could make HSH a shared journal between you and your child. Note that some features won't be applicable.

In the meantime, mention and show your co-parent that you are using HSH. You never know, they may have a change of heart!

If I am a single parent with 100% physical custody, will this work for me?

As mentioned in the prior question, you could make Home Sweet Homes a shared journal and planner just between you and your child.

While the bulk of it will be applicable, there are just two features/areas that won't fit your situation.

If there is enough interest to make a version for single parents who have full physical custody, I'd be happy to create one. Please reach out and let me know!

If I use an app to stay organized and in touch with my co-parent, why would I need this?

Co-parenting apps are great, but HSH serves a different purpose. Apps are not geared to include children as active participants, whereas Home Sweet Homes is a tool created specifically to be child-centric.

I firmly believe every child has a right to know where they will be and have open access to their schedule.

If you use an app, we encourage you to keep using it but recommend you use Home Sweet Homes in conjunction as a means to more directly benefit your child.


When will Home Sweet Homes be available to order?

Orders may be placed via this site starting September 1, 2021.  More details to come.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! We want you to be 100% satisfied with Home Sweet Homes. If you are unsatisfied, please fill out our contact form.

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